Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sleepless In Tarzana

Well, the insomnia has returned.  Not classic insomnia where I just don't sleep, but more along the lines of Fibro and bathroom issues.  I woke up at 4:30 needing the bathroom badly (damn you, Crohns!) and m fibro was so bad that I took pain medication which is just now kicking in.  I expect that I will go back to bed in a few minutes.

Today's plans are as follows:

1.)  Hang the hanging shelves in my bedroom that I made room for yesterday by moving the small shelves out.  This is critical because I currently have all sorts of crap on the floor for lack of a place to put it.

Update:  I don't think this is going to get done today.  I'll just live with the mess longer.

2.)  I received another special order for a bracelet through my Etsy Shop overnight.  I will need to get the colors settled between me and my client, then get the piece started.
Update:  Colors are settled, letter beads to fill my clients request are purchased and now on hand.  I'll get the cord prepared before I leave for my support meeting and if I'm lucky, the plasticizing agent I use on the ends will be dry when I get home and I can start.  Maybe I'll post a pic, maybe I won't.  Remains to be seen.

3.)  I have 5 Motivation or Phrase bracelets (including two different color "Knit One Purl Two") finished except for attaching the lobster claw clasp, but I am out of those clasps.  I need to run to my supplier today and buy another 20 of them to have them in my inventory.
Update: Clasps are now on hand.  And while I was at the supplier, I found "balls of yarn" beads that are PERFECT for the charm at the end of the chain closure. Pic to be posted later.

4.)  Eric is coming over and we will be making a trip to see his mother and also have yet another "Come to Jesus" meeting with the administrators of the home she is currently staying in.  I expect we will be checking her out soon based on the lack of individual care she is getting combined with other issues that make us both uncomfortable.  It was only supposed to be a short term stay anyway, so very little lost.
Update:  Done.  A very non-committal pic will be posted later.  Things are moving there, meaning I think they think we mean business now.  I'll do a post only about "the home" at another time.  It's blog worthy.

5.) It's therapy day.
Update:  Been there, done that.

6.)  Tonight is a support meeting of the IBD Support Foundation.  It's been a long time since I attended a meeting but I am having a lot of trouble and think I might like to go.

Update:  5:32pm - I want to go, I'd like to go, if I go, I need to leave in 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.  I'm so tired.  I'm so tired.  I'm so tired.  But this is a group of people who have the same illness(es) as me; they will understand tired.  Do I have the energy to drive to Hollywood during rush hour to attend?  Remains to be seen.  What I know is that there will not be any pictures taken at this meeting.  What goes on there is very private in nature.  I'm more open than most about my Crohns Disease, and trust me, you don't know anything.  

7.)  I have a lot of product to put up in Etsy, and additionally, two of the links in my Jewelry page in my web site don't work for lack of an Etsy destination for them to go to.  I would like to get that accomplished.

Update:  I don't think so today.

8.)  I really need to go to the market.  Maybe 99 Ranch Market since that's near where Anne is currently staying at anyway.
Update:  Eric & I went to Valley Produce.  My kitchen table is covered with the food that I don't have the energy to prepare and put away.  I've put the really perishible stuff in fridge and freezer; the rest will wait until later or tomorrow morning.

9. Laundry.
Update:  I don't think this is happening today although I may do one "emergency" load tonight when I get home of things I know I will need to wear tomorrow.  But the rest will have to wait.

I have no idea how I'm going to get all of this done.  Especially with the fibro flaring so badly.  But we will see what we will see.  Pictures will be added as I get things accomplished.

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