Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting Started

It's 10:20 in the morning, and I am freezing and I am still in my Pajamas.  Both of my dogs are quietly sleeping, having been let onto the patio to "take care of business" and used to me not being able to function well in the morning.  They are hungry, of course, but used to waiting until I am functional.  If I was to feed them early, they would be happily surprised, but the way things have been going as of late, they wouldn't complain much before 11:30 if I didn't.  The fact is, though, that I have already accomplished a great deal this morning, and will shortly pull out the can and bin of food and give them their breakfast.

If you were at my blog yesterday, you know that I committed to changing my banner here.  You can see it's been done.  I will still need to change my sidebar around...  but that can wait for another day.  I have lots of things to do.  I'm not going to make any commitments as to what gets accomplished today vs. what will have to wait.  That depends on both how I hold up physically as well as what the weather does.  Right now, it's bright and sunny out.  But the forecast was for potential rain later this afternoon, and that will make a difference.

I hope that my new banner brings a smile to your face.  I hope that my day makes everyone involved - including me - happy.  I hope that we all have productive and fufilling hours of daylight, and that we go to bed this evening at peace with ourselves and what we have accomplished.

And I hope that I don't get distracted in the next 30 seconds after I sign off of this blog post, and don't forget that I am absolutely freezing and should go turn up the thermostat in my condo before doing anything else.  I was not kidding at the beginning of this post.  It's really cold in here!

* * * * * * * * * * *
11:50 am.  The house is warm.  I am showered and dressed although not made up yet.  I've decided on what I want to accomplish today.

1.)  Pick up Dining Area from photo shoot yesterday.

2.)  Move low book shelves from bedroom to dining area in prep for mounting wall-mount shelves in bedroom.

3.)  Take dogs for walk.

4.)  Clean Kitchen

5.)  Pick up Studio.  (It's not bad... only a few days since last pick-up.)

6.)  Either Slimmons or Obedience School, depending on the weather.  Right now, looks like Obedience School.

7.)  Update my web site as time allows.

That's it.  I'm too tired to try and do more.  No photography; I'll take my chances on the sunshine tomorrow.  No commitments to update my Etsy sites.  No commitments to making jewelry although I probably will work on it during rest breaks which are a-plenty.

If I can accomplish this much, I will feel good about myself.

28 posts in 28 days.  Today is day 2.


Wilda said...

I just love the new banner and the fact that you have Lucy, Sunny and Cosmo pictured in it. That picture of Eric is too cute of him in the hat. Hope that the weather stays nice for you today.

Anonymous said...

love the new banner babe..love you!

LI Laura said...

Love the new banner! The family pics (including dogs) are great!


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