Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Good and Balanced Dinner

Eric came over for dinner and the evening last night.  Sadly, I was feeling so terrible that after months and months of a date drought, I was no good at all.  We slept and talked some, I made dinner, Eric having contributed by bringing some delicious curried eggplant and a salad that he made over, while I contributed marinated Swordfish Steak (bought on special earlier in the day), and Rice.  I was almost down for the count before dinner was over, ; Eric dealt with the dishes while I went back to bed.

We spent almost the whole evening watching the Olympics, I apparently slept a bit although mostly I was just in pain, and we finished the evening up with watermelon that I had bought sliced at the same time as the fish.

Eric was very sweet and patient; we had a conversation that we needed to have and we need to have more of them to be sure we're on the same page, but mostly we were just together.  It was nice.

The interesting thing is that the dinner was so healthy and balanced, and even as I felt so awful that nothing was going to help me, as I ate dinner, I could feel my body screaming with delight on a cellular level.  "What's this you're feeding us?" the cells were squealing?  "Real Food?  Not Crap?"  And I could feel almost a vibration going through them.

I did not feel the need to eat anything overnight when I awakened to let the dogs out.  This morning, I just wanted a little more of the swordfish and rice for breakfast, then took my pills, and when I get moving in a little while (waiting for the speed and the tylenol to kick in so that I have the ability to get into motion), I will eat a sliced apple. 

It was as simple as that.  One good meal leads to another.  The trick, for me, is to be able to prepare food in advance so that when I"m so tired I can't do it, it's already there.  Of course that's quite a good trick too.  In my other post, I mentioned how very tired I am.  It's not a normal good kind of tired.  Autoimmune tired is something that is bone-weary; something that you cannot fight and cannot function. 

I don't know how I'm going to get the strength to make my food in advance either.  But I think, based on the reaction that my body had to it, I'm going to need to think even harder about it, and try to figure it out.  I don't even like the junk I've been eating.  I just haven't had the strength to go to the market, let alone cut things up and cook them in advance.  I wonder if it's time to start buying pre-packaged frozen vegetables, and/or maybe hire somebody - a kid from my complex - to come and cut things up when I come home from the store.

Of course, going out and finding somebody also will take energy that I do not have.  I need to lay back down again now...  I can feel my muscles shaking just from the effort of typing this post, and I'll think about it.  Maybe there's a way...


Anonymous said...

I just love you...and I am sooooooo grateful you were able to have a date with your beloved. it's the little moments that add up and make the heart flutter even more.

Adele said...

There is nothing wrong with frozen veggies and prepackaged foods. Frozen veggies have just as many nutrients, and they don't go bad if you don't get to them right away. Our freezer is always stocked with Harvest Hodgepodge (Trader Joes), frozen spinach, frozen corn, etc. Steve also likes to keep stocked up on Trader Joe's enchiladas, egg rolls and chili & cheese tamales. There are also all sorts of frozen dinners available. All you have to do is nuke them. There's no reason to live on junk food -- unless that's what you want. Since you are only buying food for you right now and not an entire family, you only have to put in your basket what you want to go in your body. You don't have to buy the crap that kids like to eat.

Anyway, I'm sorry you feel so lousy. Been there, done that. I'm glad Eric is a patient and loving man. The tables could easily be turned on him, and he should know that you would be there for him as well, just as you are for Miles and Anne.


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