Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Progress

Again I almost didn't post today, and then again, I thought what I should post about.  I promised you a snapshot of what I am working on for myself in Anne's honor a few days ago.

It truly is in Anne's honor.  She is very VERY ill, she is elderly, and she is confused for reasons of her own frail physicality at age 87, but more so for being mistreated where she is at.  Next week this time, I will likely be in the hospital (a story in and of itself), but Anne will have moved to new home and will be properly cared for.  I will finally be able to relax and focus on my own issues, hopefully resolving them too.

The reason that I know for sure now that this medicine pouch is being made for Anne (In her honor, sadly not to give to her...  Where she is going the advise no valuable jewelry, and besides it's a really BIG piece and would probably knock her over)  is that today when we went to visit her, she was again very confused.  She is acutely aware that something really bad is happening to her, but doesn't understand what and she apologizes for that and is more frustrated for just enough understanding to know that she doesn't understand.  The 'home' thinks she's fully gone mentally.

They are SO wrong.  She talks to me and even when what she says initially doesn't make sense or doesn't ring true, later - most of the time - it turns out that it is.  They are over-drugging her and she is stoned.  I am certain that this is a large part of her issue.

Anyway, two days ago I visited her.  I showed her the piece in progress then.  (Sorry, no pics.)  Today after she seemed so confused, I pulled it out of my bag today again and explained to her what progress I had made.  She fully remembered the piece and remembered that the things I pointed out to her were not there two days ago.

She is inside that befuddled body and her mind is still in there behind the wall.  I make the medicine pouch for Anne.  Medicine pouch, do your thing.  Please.

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LI Laura said...

Wow! That is an amazingly beautiful piece!


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