Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Post by Cosmos

Dear "Dolly Ann",

Or whoever you are:

I have been enjoying getting the occasional update and e-mail about your progress out there on the farm. You know, city dogs have a whole different picture of what "the farm" is, and it is not a good place to go. But it sounds like your farm is a really nice place to live.

I approve of you bending so many rules to meet your own puppy purposes. That you now enjoy people food makes me very happy although why you would waste your time on vegetables is beyond me. I hear that you are escaping and going upstairs and have laid claim to a bed. You are becomming more and more in control of your humans. Good girl!

But then, I received some new pictures, purportedly showing your progress. And my world went upside down. There is a new dog in town and it is claiming to be you!

I know what you look like. Exhibit 1, of which I approve of because you are eating: Exhibit 2: Who is this? This is not a dog who is eating, but it is a whole lot bigger than you are. It appears to be laying on the same floor that you occupied before. It is listening to me. Look at how it's ear is cocked. It looks a little bit worried. Does it know that I am on to it?
Exhibit 3: There you are again. You are laying on your back looking very cute by the kitchen oven. I love the oven. Good things come out of it.
Exhibit 4: The new dog is trying to pretend it's you by lying on it's back in the same position as you. But they don't say "she lied like a dog" for nothing.
Exhibit 5: Look at how calm and sedate this dog is. Nothing like the stories that I have heard about you.
Dolly Ann, are you out there? Or has this new dog come in and eaten you, then taken your place? It is so much bigger than you that the impersonation is certainly a fraud.

Your friend in barking always,



Claudia said...

OMG Dolly Ann!! Cozie is right. You have really grown up and what a beautiful girl you are. Keep training your humans. Before you know it you'll be doing whatever you want when you want. This is achieved by "being cute".

Hi Cousin Cosmos. I miss you. You are my mentor. You are my Obie Wan.

Love ya,

Beth said...

Cozie -

You are one smart guy!! You've taught me things and let me tell ya' they work!!

I've been in my home for almost a year and I have my family trained right! I've let them know, and they understand in no uncertain terms, that this is my house and I just allow them to live in it with me.

If it wasn't for the fact that I don't have thumbs and can't do some things for myself I would live here alone!

Dolly Ann - keep up the good work!

Hugs and love -



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