Friday, October 31, 2008

A Slimmons Halloween

Halloween comes but once a year. Once upon a time, I dressed up my dogs (the ones from then, not now), handed out candy, and ate at least several bags myself over the course of the evening. But those days are gone. I know myself. I cannot have candy in my condo or I will go through it like nobody's business. And I know my dog Cosmos. Presented with repeated visits by unearthly beings at his door, he would probably swallow his own tongue in fright. And so we are locked up tight here, lights off at the front of my unit, windows closed against sound, and the patio gate barracaded. A quiet night.

But it wasn't so last night. Even though it was yet another Cimzia day, I had decided long ago that I was going to the Halloween Party at Slimmons, and I was a-goin'.

My costume started with "Duck" tape and tin foil. Am I nuts, or didn't this used to be "DucT" tape. For taping up air ducts and such? Is this like the "Unabomber" who started out as the "UnIbomber" for sending bombs to professors at universities, only to be misspelt by the media?
For the hat, I used the Elizabethan Collar that Sunny refused to wear after his surgery last year.
And my costume was "Crazy Tin Foil Person."

Halloween at Slimmons:



Anonymous said...

I love the costume girl..Now why didn't Richard Dress up? That's not like him...

Joe Ganci said...

Very cute party!

As for the "Duck" tape...that's the name brand. If you look at the fine print below, it does show "duct" tape. It's someone's idea of a cute brand name. It's all well and good until a poor duck gets all taped up and the ASPCA gets called!


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