Monday, October 6, 2008

Making Even More

Even as I felt like Road Kill after my trip to Slimmons, I know things are better because I was, from bed, able to continue on with my jewelry. I managed to finish up several pieces in the last day-and-a-half, and get another what will be "large" piece, meaning very labor intensive, started.

Necklace (was originally going to be a bracelet but I mis-measured and it was too big, so instead of taking some of it out, I just went longer. Matching earrings. Another Bracelet.

Another Necklace.

And finally, a beaded bezel - with fringe - Cabechon. The Cab is a piece of art in and of itself, made by a woman named Karen Lewis, owner of a bead store called The Spirited Bead in Tehachapi. That is about a two hour drive north from where I live. I purchased this and one other cabechon w/ adornments (separate, I'll bead them into the piece) last Christmas. Karen is amazingly talented and kind, and her store is so unique that I will need to plan another trip out there when I feel better. Hopefuly soon.

I should check her class schedule out before I decide to go, though. Since it's already a full day's worth of driving and shopping, and there's very little else out there of interest to me, it wouldn't hurt to make my visit a learning experience too.


Anonymous said...

It's time you put your stuff on Etsy or Display for Sale on your website..

They are GORGEOUS!!!

I'm so happy and proud of you!!

Claudia said...

So gorgeous....

janet said...

Pretty! Particularly the green pieces! Will you sell them to me?


Laura said...

Hi Janet:

I've responded to you in a private e-mail too, but pretty-much everything I am making and displaying here is available for purchase. I think Angie is right... it's time to activate my Etsy account and actually make my jewelry officially available.

In the meantime, if anyone sees anything that they like and would like to inquire about, please feel free to contact me.


Wilda said...

Your jewelry is beautiful you have a very good talent there. Glad to see that you are feeling a little better.


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