Monday, October 13, 2008

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Fire season in Southern California is upon us again. Mix a year of drought with sunny weather, add wind. Sometimes a sparking electrical wire, and sometimes human intervention - aka arson - and this is the result.

As is usual with Los Angeles area wildfires, as the crow flies, I'm close. But because of the location of my home, I am not and will not be in any danger. Unless you consider smoke inhalation combined with an asthmatic condition danger. Then I have a problem.

For the wind in the case of this particular fire is taking the smoke directly over where I live. My whole home smells burnt; it's raining ashes outside, and visually it's a cross between an extremly smoggy day and fog. Freeways have been shut down because of the smoke, and as I understand it, one motorist died due to a lack-of-visibility accident.

My air filter is on high, but does not seem to be doing the trick. As soon as I hear from Eric, I will head to Home Depot and see if they still have Hepa Filters on the shelves. They tend to sell out quickly this time of year, but if there's still one there, I will buy a second.

Breatheable air is a precious comodity.


Wilda said...

I hope that you are able to get some Hepa filters to help you breath better. You don't need to be having asthma attacks ontop of everything else you have been dealing with.

Laura said...

Thank you Wilda. There was only one filter machine left on the shelf; fortunately it was the big one. I've had it running in my bedroom all afternoon, and the air in here is quite breathable now.

Not at all like outside which is still horrible. And the worse news is that there are fires burning all around the San Fernando Valley now. It's not just limited to the one in Tujunga anymore.

Fortunately, right now, Eric is not involved...

Becky said...

That picture was surreal. I never would have imagined that it would look like that.

I'm glad you were able to find a filter and it is helping the air inside your home. I hope Eric's home remains uninvolved.

fluffbuff said...

Good thing you found the filter. I can't imagine how bad it must be over there. I was in Burbank yesterday (not even that close to the fire) and my eyes kept itching all day even after getting home.

debrarae said...


I'm praying that you're able to get that filter.



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