Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wheeze, Hack, Cough...

No longer fire related, my second air filter - which I installed in the bedroom - seems to have done the trick. My condo's air is quite breathable. Also, the two fires in who's smoke plume I resided seem to be contained or out, and the wind is dying down. All and all, the environment is improving. And one of the added benefits of the new bedroom filter is that it handles dog gas admirably. Wow.

But I am still hacking away here. It seems that I have picked up a bug. Of course I'm miserable with it, and will be leaving for the pharmacy shortly to pick up a Z-Pack. But there's such a difference between your garden variety cold-flu and autoimmune issues. Tylenol and rest helps the former, and I was even able to get some "work" done today.

This piece is beaded embroidery and will ultimately end up being a necklace. Click on the image to see the detail.

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hot tamale said...

What beautiful work Laura. Such patience you have to do such bead work...healthy or not, you've always produced works of art. I've seen some in person and the pictures cant do it enough justice. I can only imagine how beautiful this must be in person.Dont forget to post when you're finished. Im glad the fires and smoke are getting better than worst. Take extra good care of yourself.


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