Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will the Real Laura Silverman Please Stand Up?

I am Laura Silverman. Laura R. Silverman. Laura Rebecca Silverman.

No, I am not her.

Yes, I am just in an irritable enough mood today to finally address the subject. After receiving yet another piece of fan e-mail through this site that was intended for her.

When I bought this web domain and site, I had a rather intense conversation with Eric. The pressing matter was what I was going to call it. He wanted me to use my name. Laura Silverman. But I explained to him that there was an actress/comedienne out there of some moderate fame with the same name as me. That I was sure that the domain name was taken. And to prove my point, I did a web search for Laura Silverman. And there she was. Everywhere.

It was not a big deal to me. After all, I am not an actress. I don't need every single iteration of my name to be purchased to protect my domain. Yet, there was an underlying purpose to me buying a web site which is not going to be disclosed in this fun-and-games section. Family and close friends are aware of the real reason, as are the professionals who help me in critical moments of my life. There was and is reason for me to want use my name as my domain; and not for publicity or the confusion. I finally settled on buying And here I am.

Since buying this site in the beginning of May, my readership had slowly but steadily increased. I've received enough communication meant for me to know that there are people out there who enjoy what I have to say. Who are actually listening. And who write me out of concern for my health when I don't update my blog for a few days. And I thank every one of you. My health issues are no secret and the fact that you care means the world to me.

But then there are the periodic other e-mails. Her emails. Fans. Old friends from before-she-was-famous. People who are clearly confused. Because her middle name - I believe - is Jane. Not Rebecca.

I've come upon a policy of just deleting those e-mails without reading them through. I struggled as to what to do with them for a while before deciding on this course of action. Should I respond and gently correct the misinformed? Should I ignore them? Should I enjoy the attention? Since the communications were not intended for me, I finally decided it's a matter of privacy for the sender to delete them. I hope that they figure it out when they get no response; not even the obligatory 'fan e-mail' automatic system response.

But having come home today and receiving yet another fan mail, I decided to actually look the other Laura Silverman up on the web. Actually peruse through a few of her sites, and see who she is. I have seen her sister's show once or twice; if I could figure out what cable channel it was on, I'd probably tune in because it was pretty darned funny. And I really liked her in "Dr. Katz." What could it hurt to take a looksie? I can tell you what.

When doing the internet search, I found one web site who's brief Google description declared that she is the real Laura Silverman and anyone else who laid claim to the name is clearly out to exploit her.

Excuse me? EXCUSE ME!!!!!?????

First of all, I am older than her. She stole my name if it was up to be stolen. But the fact is that there are about a bazillion Laura Silverman's in this world. In this country. Even just in Los Angeles. It's a common name amongst Jewish people, and L.A. is a Jewish town.

In fact, when I go to visit my doctors at Cedars, they have to figure out which Laura Silverman I am in their computer by birthday because there are just so gosh-darned many of us.

Additionally, there are a number of us who have also done work that is of some small note. If you look on the internet long enough, you will get past the actress stuff and find them.

As far as I go, I am a published author of a number of magazine articles. I have participated in a Richard Simmons exercise video after losing - at the time - 149 pounds, and now over 200. I have been on TV and in the news papers and in magazine articles a number of times, and not only because of my association with Richard. I will be in a magazine article in October in the Los Angeles Times. I will be a feature segment on HGTV's "That's Clever" in Spring, 2008. (We filmed the segment a few months ago.) I don't need to steal somebody else s name for the fame. I already have been recognized publicly and privately more than I am comfortable with. I never asked to be associated with her. All I want to do is live my life as best I can, using my own name. Because my father named me. After the movie "Laura" which he saw just a week or two before I was born.

For those of you who thought you had found a pipeline to the actress, I'm sorry. Rest assured that your e-mails are dust. They were deleted immediately, and not shared with anyone.

For those of you who come here because you want to read what I have to say, I thank you! I love writing in my blog, and love even more that you care to read. You inspire me.

And to the actress, Laura Silverman, if you stumble across this web site and this post. I am not you. I am not trying to be you and never tried to associate myself with you or your persona. I just want to be me with all of my attributes and faults and everything in between. Because that is good enough for me.

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