Thursday, August 2, 2007

Evening Rituals

It was a lucky coincidence that around the same time that my boys had surgery, I found my boars bristle hairbrush. It's been "missing" for about two years. Amazingly, it was underneath the guest bathroom sink, right where I put it.
I don't need that brush for myself, but my dogs have ultra sensitive skin and they could not abide the slicker brush. As a result, my home has often been awash in drifts of shedded dog hair. Sunny's waifs around on the floor, collecting in corners and underneath the furniture. Cosmos's is evem more insidious.

Dalmatian hair is short. Really short. And it easily embeds itself amongst other fibers, difficult to remove. According to the book "Knitting with dog Hair, A Woof-to-Warp Guide to Making Hats, Sweters, Mittens, & Much More" (by Kendall Crolius and Anne Montgomery, ISBN # 0-312-10489-8), Dalmatian is described as the following:
Known as the "Coach Dog" in England and the "Fire Engine Dog" in the United States, this black-and-white spotted canine has a hard, shiny coat totally unsuitable for spinning. Sprinkle liberally among longer fibers.

Yeah. Right. Like the situation isn't bad enough already? Cosmos's hair is usless. Totally useless! It's a good thing that I love Cosmos and he loves me back. Because I will never make anything out of him.
Anyway, I found that boar's bristle brush right where I left it, and I had a lightbulb moment! I wondered if my boys would enjoy having it used on them. The answer? A resounding YES!
So for the past week, I've instituted a 15 to 20 minute brushing session (between the two dogs) every evening around 10 pm. They love it. They've quickly adjusted their internal timer (how do they know what time it is, anyway?) and show up expectantly at about 9:55. I get on the floor between them and stroke them long and slow. They look so happy.
These sessions have paid off. Not only are their coats nicer, shinier, and devoid of loose hair, but their attitudes are better too. They just seem so settled, for lack of a better word, because of the attention.

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