Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Look at this dog. Just look at him! This is Sunny.

Does this look like a dog who's favorite food is small dog? He is as gentle as a kitten with people!

Do pictures of animals yawning make you yawn too?

* * * * *

Sunday is when I make my weekly pilgrimage to a local Farmer's Market.

I believe in preparing my vegetables in advance so that when I'm hungry, I don't have to wait to eat.

This is a mixture of fresh basil, fresh parsley, mushrooms, and onion that's been run through my food processor's chop cycle. I can use this to stuff chicken or fish, as part of a salad, as a base for pesto, or a multitude of other purposes. There is nothing like fresh herbs in a dish to make butter or sauces or cream unnecessary.

I love Sunday evenings when the refrigerator is stocked for the week.

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