Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Unexpected Response

Cosmos has been at the computer again.

It started last night during exercise class at Slimmons. Frequently, Richard will allow his teachers to lead during one of the songs while he watches from the sidelines. It's fun to try out different moves with different people. And amazing how many flavors of aerobic dance there really are; probably as many as there are teachers.

Anyway, M-, one of Cosmos's e-mail pals, was one of the women that Richard called upon. This was one of the few times I had actually seen her lead a class, and let me tell you, that girl has some moves on her! During a water break, I whispered to her that I was going to tell Cosmos what she had been up to. He was certain not to approve. M- giggled, but Cozie rarely approves of anything that she does.

So I came home and told Cosmos all about it. And his response - as written in an e-mail to M-, startled me.

Dear M- (my favorite and where is my dog biscuit?),

Mom told me about what you did tonight. I despair that Mom will never understand individuals like us. I bark the abrupt, explosive cry of a dog that is frustrated.

I rotate my butt too. First I might move just the very tip of my tail. But then I go into full-wag mode. If I'm lucky, I'm near a wall or furniture and can thump on it to make noise. When I'm really happy, my whole back end moves from side to side in time with my tail. From what Mom told me, you must have been especially joyful tonight.

There is only one difference between the two of us. I heard that after your tail-wagging dance, you quietly went back to your place in class. I would have found somebody's leg to hump.

Your friend,

Who could have anticipated that my dog would feel this way?

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