Thursday, August 16, 2007

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

When Ian and I returned from our adventures yesterday, I asked him to help me immediately plant the herbs that were destined for the new pots. He thought about it for a moment, agreed, and started singing Scarbourough Faire by Simon & Garfunkle. (Mommy and Daddy took him to a concert by them last summer at the Hollywood Bowl.) He was very happy when I showed him that I actually did have Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme in my garden.




Ian is not one for getting dirty, so he was the "hose man." I showed him how the herbs that needed transplanting were not only outgrowing their small pots, but also were dry from the 106 degree daily temperatures that the San Fernando Valley is currently enduring. In a 4" pot, you just can't keep plants alive in this kind of heat. We finished up the job-at-hand, then went on to other business. (Like Ian dressing Cosmos up in hats.)

This morning, I stepped outside and surveyed our work. I am a combination of a couple of lucky traits when it comes to gardening. I am somewhat lazy in my approach, but also actually prefer a wild and unkempt look when it comes to plants. But I realized that I had let things go way too far out there, and could not resist grabbing my pruning sheers and going at it. I quickly had piles and piles of overgrown rose branches, thistles, basil, mint, and assorted other dead stalks trimmed from here and there. It took four trips to the dumpster, my arms overfull, to carry it all out!

Of course, my plants now look pathetic instead of lush and full. My basil plant by the front door is sparse.

My poor roses look like stumps.

At least my other herbs look happy and healthy.


Malcolm, the Geranium

When I look at my patio garden as a whole, instead of chopped up bits and pieces, it still looks just fine.

And the best thing about keeping plants is that no matter how much you trim them, they always grow back.

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