Friday, August 3, 2007

E-mails from Cosmos

It's a rare dog who is interestd in the computer. Even more rare is the one who interacts with it. And it's almost unbelievable to think that a dog would actively e-mail his friends.

Cosmos is just that sort of dog. He has a number of pen pals, but his favorite, far and away, is "M." He was very upset with her yesterday, though, because she had viewed his picture on this blog and sent an e-mail to his "Mom" instead of directly to him.

Writes Cosmos:

Dear M (and I use "dear" loosely),

I was very hurt by your response to mom. Here I smiled my very best grin into the camera for you and had Mom put it on the Internet for all to see.. And you didn't say a word to me directly.

Is it because you were blinded by my teeth? After all, Dr. Catlin did clean them last week while I was asleep. Had I been awake, I would have bit her, but I did not have the opportunity.

I just looked up "bark" in the Webster's College Dictionary. "New Words for the New Millennium" Edition. bark n. 1. the abrupt, explosive cry of a dog.

I bark in disapproval of you.

Your friend,


PS - Beth sent me a message and a hug, and I didn't even initiate the communication.
* * * * *

Of course, M didn't waste any time in replying.
Dear Cosmos,

You are one handsome brut.. especially with your pearly whites.I apologize for not saying anything before thank you for reminding me.I just cannot imagine you barking. you seem so demure. LOL

I send you two hugs to Beths one... xoxoxoxoxoxoxox and many kisses to . so i am now your favorite.

:) M

* * * * *

But Cosmos is not so easily forgiving. He wrote:

Dear M,

You always were my favorite. You can seal your position permanently by bringing me a dog biscuit. Now. My mom says that my Dr. Catlin said "It wouldn't hurt him to miss a meal." and won't give me any more tonight.

I don't like that Dr. Catlin. I bark in disapproval of her.

Your favorite,


PS - You're lucky you wrote back when you did. I'll let Dolly and Hattie know not to bite you on my behalf. They would have done it, you know. We all have spotty histories. And everything is black and white with us.

* * * * *

M was clearly worried that she should stay in Cosmos's favor. She responded:

hello There Mr.Cosmos,

Hattie and Dolly are my buds but you are my one and only fav black and white spotted one. your personality is crazy like me.. LOL

sweet dreams. and the time i see that Laura person on two legs I will give her something special for you and your bro..

:) M

* * * * *

Cosmos always wants the last word. He replied again:


Now that's what I'm talking about.



PS - You only think they're your friends

* * * * *

Cosmos always seems to be somewhat irritable when he e-mails his friends. But he has reason. It is tough to use the keyboard when you don't have any thumbs.

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