Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Such An Animal

The day before Eric & I left for Cambria (yes, I know, I owe you a whole series of posts still on the subject), I stopped by Macy's lingerie department. There I purchased three camisoles; one of them an animal print.

Animal print clothing is really outside of the box for me. I've learned over the years, though, that while stepping outside of the box is a scary thing, it's necessary for personal growth. Yes, dear readers, buying a camisole that day became an act of good faith in my future.

The future was bright. I wore that camisole on the first day of our vacation, and Eric liked it very much. I kind of liked it too. It was different.

* * *

Fast forward three weeks to last Friday. Eric & I were leaving Valley Produce. (Ok. Shut up. I know I owe you a post on that topic too - lol!) As we were waiting to pull out onto Vanowen Ave., we silently watched two ladies walk down the sidewalk and in front of our car. I pointed out to Eric that they were both wearing animal print tops, thinking in my mind that it was cool that I was wearing mine too. He replied by stating that all the thousand-year-old women at his Mother's Senior Retirement Village dress the same way.

So now I need your opinion. Wearing animal print clothing. Is it cool or is it only for very old ladies?


Claudia said...

I say who gives a crap about what other people think. If you think it's cool,it's cool. Go with it. :)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Animal prints are for hot chicks so if that's is obviously what you are!!! Rowrr.

Mary said...

I like what Claudia said. :)
btw... your beadwork is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I'm glad I came to read your blog.. :)


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