Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Domino Effect

Amongst other things, I've been working on the appearance of my web site. I've learned a number of neat tricks over the past several months including taking this picture:

and turning it into this:

My 'new and improved' website is still in progress. There are issues of font, both color and size as well as what happens to the links when you click on them. I am not the most expert writer of html code; I'm learning.

But the real issue for me is when you actually do click on the links. Where I have updates, what they go to (read 'click on "My Gallery") is fine. But most of the old links still lead to where they used to, and with the new web site look, I can see that I am going to have to revise the links too. Including the format of this blog. Otherwise the transition is way too jarring.

Oy. I have so much actual jewelry-making to do. But appearance is everything. And a web site is a first impression. It's time to go more professional.

1 comment:

janel said...

Mazel tov Laura! Your new website is beautiful, professional and very inviting. You're flying high girl!


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