Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pearls of Wisedom

It's a little disquieting to read about yourself as others see you. If you follow my blog regularly - or if you know me well, you know that I mostly seem very self-aware and confident these days. I seem to go after all sorts of goals, and I rarely miss. But you also know that I blunder... a lot. That I agonize over my mistakes, and that "agonize" is an understatement. Especially when I hurt or offend people in the process. I'm not sure how often I actually do either... probably not as frequently as it seems, but it seems like it's all the time. "No matter what I do, no matter how well I perform, it will never be good enough" is my mantra.

So it was really strange and disquieting to read Angie over at Fit After 40's blog about me last Monday. She sent me the article to proof read in advance... my reaction back to her is that "this scares me." She was concerned; wanted to know what scares me. To which I replied that she should not worry. Factually, everything was correct. And it was.

I saw my therapist yesterday; I never mentioned the article to him. That was probably a mistake.

* * * * *

I have a lot of jewelry made up at this point. This includes a new line of "Knotted Pearls and Beads" that is less art, and more "jewelry" but is cost-efficient for these tough economic times. Hand knotted real freshwater pearl necklaces at $50, mostly Swarovski crystal of the same at $65. (Crystals at cost are way higher than pearls, believe it or not.) But have I listed it - or scads of other jewelry - on my Etsy Web Based Store? Well, actually ahem, mostly not yet.

The problem? They expect every piece to have a name. I've run out of names. Eric suggests themes like calling one of my green bead necklaces "Living Green" or a yellow one as "Mellow Yellow" or a red one as "Seeing Red," etc, but my response was that I should probably name the green one "Soylent Green" and that when worn, everyone should call out "Soylent Green is People!"

I look at other Etsy sites; all the product seems to have lovely titles attached to them. I look at Janel over at The Beebonet Report's blog; she is currently teasing her new book that is coming out - The Enchanted Sole - and I haven't forgotten her already-published book "The Ecclectic Sole" (yes, I own a copy) and she has the most lovely names for her socks. The books are of knitting patterns for socks if you want to know, and Janel is an exceptional artist who has reinvented socks. If you ever thought about knitting one, or if you just really appreciate detailed and gorgeous handmade work, you should take a look.

Anyway, I wonder. How do they do it? Where do they come up with these names? Is there a book of product names out there like there used to be books of baby names?

I'm serious. Does anyone have any idea where I can go to come up with names? I've got a lot of stuff to list! And it's even possible that you might want some of it yourself - lol!


Fall Cruise to Alaska said...

To come up with a name, just think up phrases that sound nice, or read a book of poetry and pick out random words. Or pick animals you like... snow leopard, or just call it green number 5.

For me it's easy because I usually come up with the name before I make the pattern!

spinningmom said...

Your not either smoking enough or drinking enough. LOL really we just talk it around the production room until something sticks, but we only have a few yarns you have a huge amount of jewelry. Let's talk over a cuppa!

Adele said...

If you get stuck, send us a picture. We'll take a look at it and see what we can come up with. Just beware that punsters are present in this household.


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