Sunday, May 17, 2009

Resolutions, 2009 Revisited

At the beginning of the year, as is the tradition in this country, I wrote a number of resolutions which were to be fufilled in 2009. I started this tradition a couple of years ago thanks to a suggestion by Richard Simmons. He faithfully does them every year, and they help to guide and shape his life.

My first experience in 2007 with them was wonderful. Things that I had wanted to do but never got around to made it to the list. I went places and saw things that I know I wouldn't have pushed for had they not been written and committed to. And late in September of that year, when I completed my goals, I felt terrific. I thought about adding more resolutions to my list at that point, but decided against it. I was already in the mind-set to achieve; my task at that point would be to think about what I wanted to achieve in 2008.

2008 was a bust. I made some fabulous resolutions, but medical issues dominated, and I spent the majority of the year in bed. I did look at my list from time to time; I agonized as I saw the opportunity to achieve slipping away from me. I was just too-plain sick to do anything. And so I only completed one item on the list - to complete an Advanced Directive, a critical item given my state of health, and the rest went by the wayside.

Most of my resolutions for 2008 could be carried over into 2009, and so I did. 2009 is a "do over" for me. Making up for lost time. Gaining ground in education and expertise. Gaining self confidence. And I've been plugging away at my list.

It is now mid May, and I'm getting close to halfway done with my list. Although health, as always, is challenging, I'm not so sick that I cannot achieve. The drive that got me through so many other situations is tasking me to complete my goals for this year. And I will.

Here's where I am at so far:

1. I will visit the Los Angeles County Coroner's Gift Shop - DONE 1/30/2009!
2. I will attend an event at the Disney Concert Hall.
3. I will establish a shop on Etsy - DONE 2/17/2009!
4. I will take at least 4 classes and workshops. 4/5/2009, 5/17/2009, next scheduled class 6/25/2009, the fourth TBD.
5. I will complete my will.
6. I will go to "The Counter" for a hamburger.
7. I will weave a throw blanket.
8. I will complete the rough draft of my book and pitch it to be published. (In progress.)
9. I will start paying for exercise classes again - Done 2/10/2009!
10. I will complete the SSI Disability Paperwork and process - DONE 2/21/2009!
11. I will sign up for Medicare - DONE 2/8/2009!

12. I will learn to download and play music from the Internet.
13. I will get my car tuned up - DONE 5/1/2009!
14. I will take an overnight trip out of town, no matter how small it is - DONE 4/17 - 4/19, 2009!

15. I will show my work at a trade or craft show - DONE 4/26/2009!

All in all, it's been a relatively productive year.


Anonymous said...

congratulations babe!! you're doing proud of you!

Adele said...

Also remember all the things you have accomplished which didn't make it onto your list. You're doing great!


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