Friday, May 29, 2009

Am I Making It?

I think probably I am. There's no question that I've, in the past couple of weeks, become prolific in the amount of jewelry that I am putting out. I've hosted 14 people in my home for a Memorial Day BBQ. (If you're wondering, the kids initially were suspicious of the 'dog biscuit' sugar cookies, but it didn't take them more than about 2 minutes to be munching down.) I've attended exercise class more days than I've missed this week, even with Tuesday night's issue, and fully intend to attend tomorrow morning.

Of course, there's the issue of eating. I did pick up food sheets again yesterday, and kept them today too. No, I didn't like what I was writing down, but step one for me in this endeavour is to just write it out. I need to refrain from making judgement upon myself for a week or two until I get better at this resumed habit.

My refrigerator is full of food which is already chopped and peeled and ready to go at a whim.

I have appointments scheduled with the doctors that I need to see... unfortunately some of them are not for two-to-three weeks out, most notably my eye doctor, but at least they're scheduled.

And so it appears to be going well.

So why am I feeling so unsettled?


Anonymous said...

i don't know why you are feeling unsettled unless it has something to do with mom. anxiety about tomorrow?

(((hugs))) to you for going the distance today and pushing through this..

jo said...

Laura, you are such an inspiration.

I did wonder about the sugar cookies. lol I thought that was very funny.

I hope all the doctor appointments go well for you as well as the journaling and exercise.

Adele said...

You are feeling unsettled because there are things you are unhappy about which you feel are out of your control. Your sleep-eating put weight on you and brought back cravings that you had worked very hard to beat. Concentrate on what you do have control over, and the rest will hopefully fall into place.

Claudia said...

You ARE making it. Don't worry about the rest. Just do the best you can and just say thank you. :)

Love ya,


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