Tuesday, July 29, 2008

True Love

I received a phone call from Eric today. He was set up to come over this afternoon and help me with the task of buying dog food, as I am just too fatigued to do it on my own and my boys were getting worried that we would run out. 100% of the dogs surveyed are against Old Mother Hubbard. But I digress.

He quickly explained why he called. We had passed through the hearts and gifts of flowers stage of our relationship very early. We went through the serious gift stage; a camera which I killed by drowning it, a watch which I took off and stored someplace so I wouldn't lose it and haven't found it yet. (I warned Eric before he bought me these nice gifts what would happen to them. I hate to say "I told you so...")

Now it was time for practical gifts. Also, gifts for which, though clever manipulation of store sales and coupons, he obtained for no money whatsoever. That's right. My favorite price. Free.

And so I present the booty that was presented to me by my boyfriend:

Make Up!

Make up Remover!


And I needed a shave, too. Seriously. I mean it. How could he have known?


Anonymous said...

((((((ERIC & LAURA))))))
how absolutely sweet..Love you!!

LI Laura said...

He managed to buy the only razor that I have not cut myself with. Good job, Eric!


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