Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cast On!

Well, I guess I was getting too cocky, having finished the Tour De Fleece green yarn. I had designs on spinning up coordinating pink merino-silk roving over the next two-to-three weeks, then weaving a shawl. Silly me.

I was quite proud of myself. I had even finally, after all these years, figured out that it made sense to weigh my roving out into even amounts, thereby minimizing the extra length of singles on any given bobbin.

And I got to work spinning. First two ounces completed, I started spinning the 2nd two this morning.

Understand, that I have been suffering tremendously with various autoimmune issues. My left foot has been exceptionally painful at the surgical site from last March; I assumed that it was my Fibromyalgia attacking it. Again, silly me. Apparently I am infected, and to a degree to cause my Podiatrist a little concern.

A Zinc Oxyde wrap, followed by an ace bandage, followed by a walking cast, and my spinning days have come to an abrupt halt for the time being.



Anonymous said...


hot tamale said...

We have faith you'll get thru this and find a way to keep spinning. Maybe Ian can work the "pedals" for you while you heal. Take much care of yourself my friend
love ya

debrarae said...
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debrarae said...

(((LAURA))) All my prayers are with you. The yarn is beautiful.


LI Laura said...

Now that I have read Becky's comment I understand. I was scratching my head wondering how the two things were related. Pedals! Doh! Hope your foot is much better soon.


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