Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last Leg of Le Tour De Fleece

As late as yesterday, I had given up all hope of completing my first Tour De Fleece. Desperately ill in more ways than I can explain, all I was capable of doing was laying in bed trying to get a gasping breath between trips to the bathroom. Assuming I could even do that since my Fibromyalgia had rendered it difficult to move.

I had 5 ounces of roving left to spin, then if I finished them, 8 ounces of singles to ply. And the tour is scheduled to complete on Sunday.

This morning I started on what I hope is a very short course of Prednisone. I am not going to elaborate on my very special issues with steroids at this point, but just let it be said that my system does not handle them as well as most people's would and while most could take a short course and then stop, my last short course turned into a complete disaster and an Endrochrinologist was added to my ever-growing list of doctors before I was rid of them after two years of weaning off. So keep your fingers crossed. But I digress.

I woke up this morning groggy from having purposely overdosing myself on pain and sleeping medicine last night to try and get a night's worth of sleep. Mission accomplished. Although I was up several times, I got what I think was a full six hours. That, as of late, is landmark territory for me. But through the morning haze I remembered... I needed to take my first dose of Prednisone.

A couple of hours later, I was somewhat alert - not my normal alert, but at least able to respond to stimuli - and also for the first time in about three weeks, I was able to fill my lungs over half way. And so I got up, did not put any make-up on (sorry Richard), but did get dressed. And proceeded to spin.

I am, as of right now, 1 ounce of roving away from finishing up the singles for the 1 pound of green merino-silk that I had committed to. I already plied the first 1/2 pound of yarn before starting the singles for the second half. It's only 4:30 pm. I have the rest of today and all the way through the end of tomorrow before the "race" is done. I think I'm going to make it.

In a sense, I feel like a laggard because of commitments made by other participants of the tour which have been kept. Much more agressive commitments than mine. But then I remember that we were only supposed to take on what would be a reasonable challenge for ourselves, given our own lifestyle and circumstances.

Under my circumstances, I think that maybe I did ok.


hot tamale said...

You did alot better than "OK" Laura. Remember not to compare yourself with others. We all walk to the beat of a different drum, thats what makes this world a better place. Everyone has different levels of everything. Give yourself accolades for your contribution to the Tour De Fleece
love ya

Anonymous said...

Laura you did great...Look at what you got accomplished in the short amount of time..I think it's incredible...((((hugs))))


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