Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Boyfriend's First Girlfriend

The secret came out. We finally discussed her. Eric's first girlfriend.

I suppose I am supposed to be jealous of his past loves, but frankly I'm not. The way I see it, he may have been in love with them, but it was not a love that sustained itself and he's with me now. Hopefully our love will be enough to last a lifetime.

Anyway, back to his first love. He was in Sixth Grade... Eleven years old. Her name was Debbie R- and she was a nice little blonde girl. In true form for the times, Eric wore a silver ID bracelet and gave it to her as proof of his ever-lasting adoration.

On graduation night (those were the days when Elementary School went through Sixth Grade), they played "Seven Minutes in Heaven." As Eric described it, the two of them went into a closet, shut the doors, and sat in the dark for a while together. He didn't have a clue what he was supposed to do and although I obviously have no way of knowing what she was thinking, I assume that she didn't either.

The party over, summer vacation commenced.

Next fall, they started 7th grade (Junior High School) together. Eric sought her our, or maybe she sought him out. No matter who did the seeking, the outcome was the same. She took his ID bracelet and threw it at him, and then stormed off.

Eric had no idea what had happened. But it came out shortly. He had never called her over the summer break. He was young and innocent and didn't know that he was supposed to call. He was off bogie boarding with his best friend Larry and doing whatever else boys do when they don't have to go to school, and she just didn't cross his mind. And as he explained it yesterday, "What would we have talked about?"

Well, I was hysterical with laughter. Boy, talk about a first love going wrong. Ah, innocence. Sometimes it's helpful, but sometimes it makes you not know what you are supposed to do to sustain a relationship. I think I'd rather not be a kid again.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww.....How sweet..And I definately don't want to go back to teen years for "dating" my hormones couldn't take it again..


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