Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Le Tour De Fleece: Update

I finally finished spinning the singles from the second four ounces of top. That means that a couple of hours plying & winding off, and I'll be on the home stretch. 8 ounces to go.

This Tour has been more challenging than I had expected. Dealing with illness and fatigue has made it so. Even so, it feels good to have made some sort of commitment and to have made every attempt to follow through. I have 12 days left of the Tour... if I am diligent on each of the days that I am capable of doing a little work and also set a mini-goal of spinning no less than one ounce per day, I should be done just about on time.

Of course, I've decided that the pink Top with the green blended through that matches the green with the pink blended through that I'm spinning right now would make a lovely handwoven Log Cabin Pattern shawl. A big one... like 3 feet wide and 6 to 7 feet long. So when (not if, but when) I get the green done, my work is not completed.

In a sense, I feel like all life should come to a halt right now because of the passing of Mary, but in fact, I've spoken to Sandy & Christiane and they are just pushing on. If they can do it, I can do it too.

I may feel lousy but I am not gone yet. I plan to leave a small legacy behind, and a life - however long or short it might be - dedicated to creative endeavours of one sort or another would be a good one. I'd like to be known for pursuing my passion to the end.

Viva Le Tour de Fleece!


Anonymous said...

I will tell the world about my friend laura..who is dedicated, loved and adored by the Fab!!

hot tamale said...

I think thats a wonderful legacy...people do know you for you wit, humor, and passion for writing that comes thru and a list of other talents....but you're far from over kid. Live life to the fullest!! Mary would like that, sounds like she did from your description of her youth. Have patience my friend.
love you


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