Friday, July 11, 2008

Le Tour De Fleece: Update

I am spinning. And not just because I am dizzy. I finished the first 4 ounces of singles that I had committed to for Le Tour De Fleece today. Loosened the fibers of the 2nd 4 ounces... they're ready to go.

My spinning wheel's bobbins hold 8 oz of fiber with room to spare, the way I spin. So I need to spin up the 2nd 4 ounces, then ply.

I still don't have a camera although my new cell phone has one and if I get a chance this weekend, I'll read the part of the instruction booklet that tells me how to send a picture inside the camera to my e-mail address, then take a few for the Tour.

Meanwhile, while I still know that getting the entire pound spun by the 27th of July is a reasonable expectation, I'm nervous about it. If I have another week like this past one when I was deathly ill by virtue of medication for days on end and not able to get out of bed before 2 PM or so, I may fall irretrievably behind.

I must push on. I think I may take my wheel to the Concert In the Park on Sunday.

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