Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Brucellosis, now Bursitis

I wonder what my next ailment is going to be? I seem to be working through the "B" section of the medical dictionary.

Bursitis of the hip is the final answer - confirmed last Thursday - for what has been giving me so much agonizing pain for months. I thought it was my "Fibromyalgia" since last summer, but the symptoms have been escalating terribly and the pain is so consistently localized that I knew it had to be something else. Dr. Bluestone had the answer for me last Thursday.

I don't know whether to be happy that I actually had a complaint that was so easily diagnosed or completely depressed that yet another ailment has been uncovered.

But at least it was, in my world, a fairly fast diagnosis. Only six months from beginning of the symptoms to knowledge of what was causing them, and had I not made incorrect assumptions over the months, we would have had the solution to the issue even earlier.

A lot different than the Brucellosis  that was so difficult to diagnose because of it's rarity and the fact that I'm a city girl, not an industrial worker on a farm.  That took about nine months to diagnose, and even after it was confirmed, the doctors kept testing for it over and over and over again, not believing the results.  When they finally accepted them, they gave me some pretty nasty antibiotics, but in less than 24 hours, I knew they had nailed the diagnosis for sure because I felt so much better.  And I haven't processed a raw sheep's fleece for spinning since.

Whatever. Next Thursday, Dr. Bluestone is supposed to propose a treatment plan for me. Not an easy task as the first normal course of action is an anti-inflammatory and the Advil Incident just a couple of months ago (ironically, I had self medicated with Advil for this very pain) was enough for my doctors to rule out ibuprofen for me as an option in my lifetime. So I guess time will tell what I have to face.


Ang said...

love you..


Becky said...

I hope that the treatment is successful and you will be in less pain soon!


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