Saturday, December 18, 2010

Share The Love: A Different Featured Artist Every Week!

"Share The Love" blog posts are generally reserved for Tuesdays as an agreement between the various artisans involved and I have done my best to keep to the general rule.  The truth is, though, that the code for the featured shop of the week is usually issued on the Sunday before and I set the timer on my Blog to show the feature on the appropriate day.  However, it's so close to Christmas and the items featured this week are not only adorable but very cost efficient that I've decided to break the rule and post about it today.

Hungry?  Don't want to spend  lot of calories on sweets?  Love pastels and bright colors and handiwork?  This week's artist, Luisa from Crocheted Little Things, may have the answer for you.  Adorable ice cream cones, cupcakes, and even Oreo Cookies are awaiting you direct from her hands, made out of yarn.

Luisa offers expedited shipping (this info an update to my earlier version of this post as confirmed by Lu herself) and also, if you're worried that your purchase won't arrive in time for Santa to deliver it, gift certificates!

Check her out...  at worst you will be gifted a giggle of delight, and maybe - oh maybe- you will find an adorable stocking stuffer for yourself or a junk-food connoisseur in your life.

This weeks Featured Artisan is Luisa, owner/designer of Crocheted Little Things! Lu brings
us into the world of adorable "Little Things". Everything she makes is just irresistible! You
can find Crocheted Little Things on:


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Crocheted Little Things said...

Thank you Laura for posting my feature, I really appreciate your commentary!! Off to promote your blog now!


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