Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Holiday Evening by the Water

Eric had a BILY Board Meeting this evening, hosted by Ceci and her husband Paul.  They live in a lovely condominium overlooking the water in Marina del Rey.

While the meeting progressed, I worked on this:
Then after the meeting finished up, I put my own work away, and we were treated not only to a lovely dinner, but Marina del Rey's annual Holiday Parade of Boats.  A very nice evening indeed!


Anonymous said...

is that a purse or wallet you are working on? it is beautiful. love the boat parades. we have them up here too.

i miss you..

Laura said...

Thanks Ang. That is a pouch - worn round the neck - intended for either night wear to keep your valuables in rather than carrying a purse or an eye glasses case. I'm trying something new here in that there will be a lid, but it's an unusual set-up and I'll blog more about it when I finish the piece and pull it all together. Hard to describe.

This is the first boat parade I've seen since I was a small child, but we have them all over the place down here too.

I hope you're feeling all right and letting others take care of you, and I hope that they're doing it as well as you deserve



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