Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Widows, and What Men Can Learn From Them

Miles' class in school are being required to do a report on "Urban Wildlife." Miles's assignment is the Black Widow Spider. Although I found the assignment somewhat fascinating, he procrastinated and procrastinated and now it's due this Friday and only part of it is done.

School today is quite different than when I went. When I was in elementary school, homework was a solitary affair done by the student. But these days, the parents are expected to be involved. In fact, we actually have to sign a contract with the teacher in which she stipulates what we need to participate in. And so, both Eric & I are participating in said Urban Wildlife report. Eric is helping Miles with the research and writing part. I will help him with his Tri-o-rama. That's like a diorama but compartmentalized.

Miles' spider report is very interesting, although I think his father and I are more intrigued by it than he is. He doesn't understand how funny the information we are getting really is.

Apparently, the Black Widow has gotten a bad rap. Female spiders of all sorts kill and eat their mates after being inseminated. I thought this behavior was unique to Black Widows before working with him on this report.

The web site that Eric found that tidbit on, however, specifically said that although the Black Widow most often kills and eats her husband after mating too, occasionally she lets him live and go free. Being released is directly dependent upon how full she is when they do their dance. I quickly turned that into a life-lesson for Miles although, thank goodness, he’s too young to understand it.

“Always take the girl out for dinner when you grow up and are old enough to go out on a date.”

Miles didn’t understand the implication and just looked confused when I said it. He’s way too young and thank goodness, it’s apparently an area that his big brothers and sister have not prematurely educated him in. He will remember my words, though, when he is older. Trust me, he will, because I will remind him from time to time when he is of dating age, of the Black Widow report and Mrs. Mejia, his teacher. Women who date Miles when he is old enough would thank her for her assignment if only they knew. Oh how glad I am that the Black Widow is what Miles' assignment is!

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