Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree....

Once upon a time, I was 100% Jewish. Not religious, mind you, but culturally Jewish. I celebrated Hanukah, I made fun of the High Holy Days, but I respected them. I loved Passover, mainly for the fried Mazoh my Father made, but I loved it.

Then I married Eric who, although he won't admit it, is also 100% Jewish to the core. But his previous wife was Christian, and the children were raised to celebrate Christmas.

There are some things that are not worth worrying about. The Christmas Tree that adorns our dining area is one of them. In fact, it's a beautiful tree, even though it is fake, and I've always admired the trees. They are used as part of the Christmas Celebration but in fact, their origins come much further back in history than the birth of Jesus, and having a pretty tree with lights and stockings and such not only doesn't bother me, but I enjoy it. The cat and dogs don't seem to be interested, and their involvement in it was the only real concern that I had.

That is until this evening. I was talking to Adele earlier this afternoon, and the Christmas Tree is one of the subjects that came up. I told her the same thing that I am saying here. This is my very first Christmas and my very first Christmas Tree. I like it.

Then, she dropped the bombshell. She thinks it would be a good idea if she gave me a very special gift. A very special ornament for our tree. One that would forever more be known as a symbol of this moment in time.

The ornament would say "Baby's First Christmas."

No Adele. No. Do not send me that ornament. I'm warning you.... lol!


Anonymous said...

Great..Now I'm going to have nightmares tonight..Baby's first christmas..geesh....LOL..

LUV you...

Adele said...

Be nice, because it finally matters whether you are naughty or nice!

Eric said...

The problem is the last time we were knotty...I still can't untie the bed.


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