Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Decorations in My Neck-of-the-Woods!

I've shared with you the quirky sense of style my neighborhood has before.  It comes out everywhere.  From the Chevy house to the Pasture House (Featuring life sized plastic cows on the perfectly manicured front lawn) to the Dragon-Castle house that simply defies description.  But I was unprepared for Christmas,.as much as I should have been.

Of course we have the standard houses too.  Not decorated.  That would be us.  Although the kids mother is Christian so I have the very first Christmas Tree of my life right in the middle of our house, Eric is bound and determined that if we have lights, they should spell out "Blessed are the Cheese Makers."  Although I think that's a pretty funny idea, I have a feeling that our neighbors wouldn't.  So we will have to make due with our indoor decor only.

The next step up is the old-school single strand of lights houses.
Quaint, but not terribly impressive in this day and age.

The trying-a-little-harder houses.
This one went for icicles and lighting on their front fence.  Have I mentioned that almost all the properties in our neighborhood are fenced in?

Then you have the tastefully decorated houses.
 Icicles, maybe a snowman or a Santa if necessary, but not memorable in this neighborhood.  Just pretty.

Next comes the over-decorated houses.

There are a lot of those here.  Lots of "statues" in the front lawn.  Laughable, but still not all that memorable.

Now this house is starting to get there.
It's definitely a laughable house.  Their home itself is decked out with simple stranding of lights.  But the Winnebago that is perennially parked in their driveway?  (I've never seen it moved once!)  Now THAT's a spectacle - lol!  But still, they have a long way to go.

You would think that this house might take the cake.
This house is actually two lots wide, one with a house that's overdecorated in blue lights (not pictured) and then an empty lot next door that's full of lights and statues.  If you live in the neighborhood, it's on Parthenia just east of Zelzah.  You can't miss it.  I believe it's to the east of the Elvis Impersonator house too.  (Yes, a real Elvis Impersonator who performs in Las Vegas and does very well lives there.)  But even this house isn't good enough to take the prize.

You have not seen the winning house, and I mean THE WINNING house until you've visited 17840 Sunburst Street, Northridge, CA 91325.

One pass by this house is not enough. You just don't get the full effect. Here's another run by. Enjoy!

If you want to see a real spectacle, you won't be disappointed here.  From the intersection of Nordhoff and Zelzah (that's the corner of California Statue University Northridge where the weird CSUN sign is), go one short block south of Nordhoff on Zelzah, then make a right onto Sunburst.  You will know where this house is located as soon as you make that right.  Trust me, this house can be seen from outer space.  Eric is estimating that the electric bill for this display has to be a minimum of $50.00 per night.

My favorite part is that the house next door is completely dark, save for the reflection of the lights from this house on the windows.  The house directly across the street is tastefully and beautifully decorated, but also sports a "For Sale" sign in the front lawn.

I suppose I understand.  How can you compete with a house that's so over-the-top that it should be broadcast on national news?

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