Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Year Later - a Lucy Post

It's been a little over a year ago since Cosmos left me. I still agonize over his death, wondering if I did the right thing (I did) and at the right time (I'm not sure). But one thing I know for sure is that his leaving me opened up a slot for this dog:

Eric & I ventured down to the South Los Angeles shelter and rescued our Lucy on her scheduled day of execution.  A dog leaves me, another comes into my life.
It's been an amazing year of transformation for both me and Lucy.  A new family, home, and a yard!  Lucy, and her older brother Sunny, have florished in the new living situation.  Sunny, who I thought wouldn't be with us for more than a couple of months after Cosmos left is alive and kicking, and when the motivation is right, he still breaks into a rusty arthritic trot.  He's loved and coddled and knows that he's living the good life.

Lucy was so young when we rescued her (the pound said 2 years in her listing; my vet laughed and figured about 8 months), I don't think she quite appreciates the change in her standing.  However, she went from pound dog to condo dog to a dog with a big house and a yard and lots of other big dogs in other yards to bark at and children to play with and grown ups to feed and love her.  She is a very happy girl.

If you can't sit through the whole video, fast forward to the last 30 seconds. The look on Lucy's face says it all.

Rescue pets rock. And what a difference a year makes!

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