Monday, November 22, 2010

Maleenee California Cactus Center

Amazing.  Whenever I go to new parts of town, there are always joyous discoveries to be made.

Yesterday we went to Pasadena to attend the Designing Weavers Annual Exhibition and Sale.  Although it was a wonderful time - seeing old friends and viewing (and buying) their work, the highlight of the day was an unexpected stop at the California Cactus Center.  We drove by it on the way to the show; Gabby squealed with delight and we promised her that we would stop on the way back if we had time.

We did, and we were not disappointed.  As always, I am surprised and shocked at the variety and colors of cacti that exist, and to find this many in one location was a joy. 

Gallery?  They're not kidding.  The displays were breathtaking!


You can see all of the pictures... and they ARE amazing, by clicking here.  The California Cactus Center is a place well worth visiting.

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Anonymous said...

Photo 62..Don't know if my comment came through..Those little garden temples? would look great with tea lights lining both sets of the stairs..(Boys and dining room)

Looks great..I think a couple of those would look good in pots out in the back


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