Friday, November 12, 2010

Musing, Post Script

Apparently I'm still not exercising for myself.  After Eric & I successfully managed to get a fairly healthy meal on the table by 7pm this evening and then was completely cleaned up and done for the evening, we hung over the kitchen counter and looked into the family room where our exercise machines are kept.  The elliptical for me; the treadmill for him.  I announced that I was now going to get on the damned machine as soon as I got my shoes on.

"Really?" Eric asked.  Yes, really.   "Well, if you're getting on the elliptical, I'll go change into my exercise shorts and get on my treadmill too."  And there you have it.

I got on the elliptical; did a hair's width better than yesterday.
I know what's happening.  I know why these pictures are turning out sideways.  But it's 10:24 in the evening and I've exercised and I just don't feel like fixing it right now.  Just turn your head 90 degrees sideways on the right hand side and the picture will appear to be right side up.

Eric spent the same 10 minutes walking on the treadmill.  Miles came into the room, incredulous at what was happening all around him, then decided to try the elliptical himself.  After all , we had an agreement.  He could use the elliptical any time he wants without asking permission as long as he follows the following rules:

1.)  He must wear shoes.
2.)  He must have one foot on each petal because the machine is definitely for home use, not the gym, and to use it on one petal only will unbalance it until it breaks.
3.)  He must use it safely.

And so you have it.  I did the elliptical which beget Eric exercising on the treadmill which beget Miles getting excited about us exercising and trying it himself.  And here I thought that I had officially given up inspiring others.  The mantle is not so easy to shed.

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Claudia said...

You see, you are influencing the whole family. I'm proud of all of you. Now I have to join in!! :)


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