Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Office

Not the TV show, but the real-life office that Eric & I have rented and we will occupy soon under the business name "RaineJewel Associates." The name is derrived from Gabby's middle name Raine, and Ethan's middle name, Julian. A perfect umbrella name for Eric & I to operate under, and the best part is that Eric already has a business license under it. I will retain my own business identity, Laura R Silverman, and my shop will be www.Artizenbeads.etsy.com . Also known as ArtiZen Beads.

We went to Ikea today and bought our furniture, and when we went to 'the office,' we were happy to see that they not only cleaned it as promised, but had painted it too. Thank goodness. We still have an easy chair or sofa to put in there, but we've bought desks for both of us, book shelves, storage drawers, knife racks to hold my jewelry tools on, and a drop-leaf table for under the window at which I will do my work and later, if things go according to plan, I will hold classes. We have two more storage drawer units to buy; Ikea was out of them today but expects them next week. Oh, but I hope that I will be able to show you finished office pics soon!

Outside our front door:

Welcome to Raine Jewel Associates, Office # 114

... and here it is, the inside of the office!  Ikea furniture to be assembled.

Just inside the front door.

The back wall.  This screen is going to be really cool to hang and display my work on, either in the office or out at art, craft, and trade shows!   (Legs to the desks in built in overhead shelving bins)

Even a private bathroom!  Not every office in the complex boasts of this, but those who know me know how essential this amenity is.
And finally, a nook for an easy chair and book shelves to relax in.

Oh, but I can hardly wait for the furniture to be assembled.  Once that's done, I can move my supplies in, even as Eric continues to work on getting us internet access, a phone connection, and cable TV!


Claudia said...

I love it!! It's perfect!! Congratulations to Raine Jewel Associates. I wish you many years of success and happiness. I can't wait to see it. :) :)

Adele said...

All the comforts of home, without the kids. The number 114 has a familiar ring to it. Enjoy!


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