Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twenty Four Hours

I've learned a lot in the past 24 hours.

I've learned that great friends and family do stick by me. I've had some responses to my last two posts that have brought me to tears. Moral support. Financial offers (I'm not accepting them, but thank you!). Ideas how to obtain IV tubing for lower cost. A couple of ideas on how to generate revenue. I'm almost in tears at all the wonderful advice that I am now sorting and figuring out how to put into action.

In addition to advice, I've heard about a number of pets - mostly cats - who have also dealt with kidney failure and have lived for a number of years. I don't expect Cosmos to live forever, but this is not a time that I think he's ready to go.

I've learned that it's really hard to cause someone you love physical pain, even when you know it's for their own good. Cosmos screams and crys when I put the needle in. He makes sure I know that he is not enjoying the process. I get it done too, I don't enjoy it either, but I know you get used to it in time. But in addition to needing to get used to it, Cosmos always has been overly emotional and is a big baby.

I've established my Etsy account, not that it's really ready to go yet, but there's one piece of jewelry listed, and when I feel a little more settled, I'll get more in there.

I'm a little confused at the process (I'm not good at Paypal either), but I know I can do it. After all, in my working life, I managed an over-a-billion-dollars-a-year business all in Excel. How can I not understand a canned program? I can.

I'm battling momentary feelings of being overwhelmed and panic, but in my brain, I'm starting to formulate a plan. I need to write all the action points down, maybe tomorrow or Thursday, and move on them. For today, all I wanted to do was to hydrate Cosmos (done!), finish the neclace pictured (done!), open up my Etsy Account and list the one piece (done!), correct S-'s necklace so I can bring it to class tonight (next), and go to Exercise Class (tonight). Truthfully, a full day.

Twenty Four Hours. I'm still in a funk, but I've survived so far.


Anonymous said...

my dearest friend,
as far as your shop goes and getting the word out. Cheap but time consuming for a bit until you could get into a routine would be registering the shop with free search engines submissions, making a www.linkedin.com account, maybe a facebook account, another blog specifically for your jewelry and artistry..I'll put your etsy shop on my blog..If I come up with more ways I'll send off an email from my phone..I will be able to have the computer for a bit more time so I'll see if I can find cheap IV tubing and send links your way..

I wish I could be of more help..I am thinking of you, and sending good thoughts that it will all come together for you!

Claudia said...

Such a gorgeous piece!! I'm sure you will be inundated with orders in no time.

Hang in and know you are not alone.

hot tamale said...

You will become more skilled putting that needle in the more you do it.Dont hesitate, act quickly and it will hurt less. You are on the right path seeing it for what it is....for his good.You're a good momma! Your necklace is beautiful. Your only problem will be keeping up with the demand!
love to you both

Joe Ganci said...

Wow, it's already up and running! Very cool!

And I'm amazed that you are able to get so much done while feeling overwhelmed and panic! You get more done in that state than I do when I'm feeling good!


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