Monday, February 23, 2009

Find A Penny, Pick It Up...

Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck.

It's amazing to me that in this time of economic crisis, I seem to be finding more and more change everywhere. I'm not talking about inside of my home either. My change is relegated to either my wallet, the bottom of my purse, or in the quarter-pouch I keep for doing laundry. (Oy... don't ask. I may own my condo, but I don't have the right to install my own machines inside of it.)

It seems to be on the ground everywhere. And on Saturday when Miles found another penny on the ground at the zoo, it occurred to me that I never keep track of what I find, but it is sometimes significant. It wasn't that many weeks ago that I picked up a whole dollar's worth of pennies strewn on the pathway of my complex between the garage tunnel and my unit. So I decided to do something about it.

Instead of just throwing the money found into my pocket and later into my wallet, I've pulled out an old antique bank that I remember buying in Ojai when I was a kid - it was an antique even then - and put it on my kitchen counter. Every time I find change, I'm going to drop it in there, and see how long it takes to fill it up.

I'm betting that it's full in a matter of a couple of months. What will be interesting is how much money it contains.

Call me thrifty, call me cheap, or call me a glutton for toe touches, but I will not walk by any money without making some kind of use out of it.


Anonymous said...

There ya go..Cool..I love that bank. very cool!!!

LI Laura said...

I save all my change and take it to the Coinstar machine. There are some that don't charge you the processing fee if you use the money for e-certificates. I've gotten them for Amazon and iTunes. It makes me feel like I'm getting free books! I don't have a pretty bank, though.

Joe Ganci said...

I have a jar too that I throw extra change in every once in a while. Recently, when money was very tight, I decided it was time to cash the coin jar in. Yes, Coinstar charges but I found that the local PNC bank had a coin sorting machine that was free of charge. I put the money in, it output a receipt, and I took it to a teller who gave me $126 in cold hard cash! No fees.

By the way, that antique bank of yours...have you tried rubbing it? It might contain a genie!


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