Monday, February 16, 2009

Cosmos Update

Saline IV Solution costs much less at Costco than I ever imagined. IV tubing is expensive and separate from the solution, but I've had more than one person suggest that I can use it more than once, just changing out needles, and I'm going to run it by the Vet. Apparently, reusing tubing, being careful to maintain a field of cleanliness, is a standard practice in people-medicine in other countries. And considering that the Vet doesn't even expect me to clean Cosmos's skin off before inserting the needle, I have a feeling that it will be fine.

Also, I will do an internet search over the next week or so, and I bet I can find tubing at a very effective price if I buy it from out of the country. I'm thinking India...

I'm sorry if my last post sounded as if I were looking for free monetary handouts from my readers. That was not my intent; rather, I was blowing off steam. However, to those of you kind enough to offer help, I do thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And what can you do, beyond emotional support which is what I really need at this moment? When I announce that the Etsy site for my jewelry is up and running, please spread the word. Tell your families, your friends, your work associates. I will start by showing jewelry I already have made and on hand, however, I am putting together a more price effective line and will list it as quickly as it is made.

I will announce it in this blog first and foremost, then in other places which I have internet access The good news is that I have a product which is of value and saleable, and I intend to sell it at a good price.

Thank you again for your support.


Laura, Sunny, and especially Cosmos

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Joe Ganci said...

I have a Facebook account, Laura. Do you? I will promote your enterprise on my blog and on my Facebook account, no worries. I have 185 "friends" on there, so who knows - you might get some business from some of them!

And of course, I want to see what I can get for my honeybun too!


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