Friday, February 27, 2009

Love Connection

Anne's move into the retirement apartment is going well. We've arranged a lot of her furniture, and today we moved a good deal of her kitchen essentials. Yesterday afternoon, I got my first look at her next door neighbor. A man.

There are a lot of men where Anne is going to live. I've already started teasing her about making a love connection. But in fact, "Jessica" told me during our tour (before signing on) that there are quite a few connections made, and some of them even result in marriage. Some in shacking up. And some of the men are like high-school boys looking only to score. The bottom line is just because you hear moaning coming out of a senior apartment, you should not assume anything is wrong.

Anyway, after getting a quick glance at her man-neighbor, I ran back inside to tell Anne, suggesting that she might want to start tapping seductive messages to him on their adjoining wall in Morse Code. I don't know if she was amused or not.

But I thought the whole thing was very funny and at exercise class last night, told Amy about it. She agreed that it was funny, and had a "good for them" attitude.

"But of course," she pointed out, "Anne's next door neighbor is probably some old geezer who's 80 years old."

"Anne's 87." I retorted.

"Ah. That's different. She's be robbing the cradle." Amy said. "Tell her to go for it!"


Joe Ganci said...

In our old neighborhood, on a hot summer evening, we heard a woman's screams coming from a neighbor's open window. They sounded blood-curdling, they sounded as if she was being murdered! My wife got scared and called the police! They came quickly and investigated and then told us that the lady was not being murdered, though she was being impaled. Ah, well.

Pickyknitter said...

Cabana boy material...


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