Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wasa - p!

On the way hom from the doctor yesterday, I decided to stop at Ralph's Market to buy salad dressing. I've been out for over a week now and although I don't mind making my own, sometimes it's just nice to have a bottle in the refrigerator ready and waiting.

I perused the aisles; I had been at the Farmer's Market only a day before so there wasn't much that I needed, but one endcap was attractive. Wasa Lite Rye crackers were on special. I put three packages in my basket.

On checking out, the bag boy - a very handsome teenager - looked at them with interest. "Are these very good?" he asked.

"They're ok, in a cardboardy way." I replied. "That's not the point. Sometimes you don't want your food to taste too good or you'll eat it all in a single serving."

He was really surprised at my answer, but then started laughing. Both he and the cashier agreed wtih me. Some foods just can't be purchased because they can't be resisted. These crackers are not in that catagory.

Wasa Crackers really are ok. What they do for me is add a carbohydrate crunch when I am eating a salad as my meal. No, they don't taste great. I'd rather have a real cracker or maybe a whole loaf of bread. But there's no way that I can have those things in my home and not gain half of my weight back. Understanding this facet of my character and defending myself from it is part of the lifestyle change I've made.

I'll just stick with the Wasa, thank you!

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