Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eric & I decided to go out to lunch today. Because he had a coupon for a free entree, we decided that our dining fare of choice would be Chinese, at PF Changs.

I like it there. It is a chain of Chinese Restaurants; a little pricey (not a lot, just a little), but the quality is consistantly good and the portions are more than adequate.

Our waiter - named "Shalom," by the way - was friendly and courteous, and somewhat talkative. When Eric presented his coupon, he was more than happy to take it. "Yeah," he said. "These are really easy to get."

I reacted with surprise, and then I protested. I didn't get one in the mail! But he quickly let me know that all I had to do was register at their website and I, too, would get the gift card.

That made me very happy. "Oh!" I replied. "So it's just like
Victoria's Secret! You can register with them and they'll send you gift cards for free panties."

Well, he hadn't heard about that before, so I assured him that it was true and I get them all the time. He thought it might be good for brownie points with his girlfriend and intended to go home and register pronto. But then he got into their models.

How he loved his girlfriend and would never cheat, but they're gorgeous and he had to look. He looked all the time!

Well, he's a very handsome 20-something. This is Los Angeles; he's probably an actor-in-waiting or something like that. He flashed the biggest smile at me you ever saw and his eyes sparkled. I liked him. Really. And I knew that I had to respond.

"You know," I said, "Women look at those models too." He seemed surprised. "Oh yes, we look at them and look hard. And then we mutter 'bitch!' under our breaths."

He almost dropped his teeth, and Eric & I both laughed. No, I am no Victoria's Secret model and I wouldn't have qualified as one in my prime. But it does not matter. I am a real woman with real opinions, and I'm willing to bet he's never met one of us before!

As 'Shalom' presented us with our check, he said - and I believe that he meant it - that "It's been a real pleasure serving you!" So I reminded him once again... "Register for your free panties at!"

I'm guessing he's going to remember that web site.

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hot tamale said...

seeing my "arse" can probably fit into a seat at PF Changs better than any pantie at VS, Im going to sign up at PF's website LOL
thanks for the chuckle (again)


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