Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dog Walk Sandwiches

Earlier this week on what was possibly the hottest day in spring (almost 100 degrees), I decided that it was time. Time for a Dog Walk Sandwich. That is what I call a dog walk sandwiched between two car rides.
The boys were obviously happy about this turn of events. They loaded up quite quickly and waited with anticipation for me to enter the car and take them to their favorite walking location... Lake Balboa.
Lake Balboa is a man made lake near where I live. It's run by the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, and is quite well kept.

Both dogs are in favor of the sidewalk that runs along the lake's edge all the way around.
They also enjoy their rest breaks... they're no spring chickens anymore to quote a man who lives in a condominium complex behind me.
And Sunny contemplates what a dinner of either duck, goose, or crane would taste like as he relaxes on the grass.
All in all, a nice way to get a little walking in.

It's strange how you can look at something for a long time and not see what is there. Behold my water bottle!

Before you lecture me on the merits and downside of drinking out of hard plastic, yes I know that I am risking brain tumors and renal failure. I'll take my chances. But back to the story.

I picked up several of these "Yoga Water Bottles" on special at my local Whole Foods Market. I really liked them, not only for the colors, but for the images portrayed on them. I should only look like those chicks. But do I really want to?

Before this evening, I thought I saw a girl standing in the "Tree" position. But suddenly I realized. She's a double amputee balancing on a single peg leg.

And people thought I had guts for going to exercise class!

1 comment:

Claudia said...

If you go to my website you can see me in tree pose and I don't look like the chick on your water bottle. It's my goal, to look like her. Yeah, right!!

Love ya.


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