Friday, December 14, 2007

Surprise in Creation

My last Artisan Workshop of the year at Stitch Cafe ( is done. Although very sad at the prospect of several weeks without the guidance of Shelly Neimerow, I also have to admit that I have so many ideas floating around in my mind based upon things that she has taught me, things that I already knew how to do, and the integration of the two, that the time will be well spent in experimentation and creation. Also, I have to fill a last order or two for the season and - gulp - make some things for giving myself. Time for a breather!

I'm very happy at what has come from my hands (and heart) in the past week. Let's start with the completed product from the China Painting. Here is my mug:

And then there is the trivet:

I'm finding it difficult to relate to the fact that I was the one who painted these pieces. It's my first time - ever - painting and I don't think it's too bad a job.

Then, in my last two painting classes, there was extra time and I had the need to learn how to make a "less extravagant" necklace. Shelly - ever generous - taught me how to string beads and semi-precious gems using a silk knotting technique.

In my last class, she taught me a fast wire-wrap method to attach the clasps onto the same.

These two necklaces are already spoken for, but I have a feeling that I will be using this method to make jewelry a lot for the moderate marketplace.

And then there are the earrings. I figured out a little technique starting with a iridescent peyote-stitch base on which I am attaching stacks of pearls and swarovski crystals (and will probably do some with other gemstones too). I'm really happy with the output. I've already had some very positive feedback from others, too, and plan to make a number of them for sale.

In my whole life, I never envisioned myself as someone who could put out a product that might be desirable enough that others would want to buy it. It's funny; I always thought it would be weird to invest my time and soul into a piece, then let it go out of my life. But I'm finding, as I'm making and selling jewelry, that it's actually a special kind of validation that I get when somebody will part with their own money for something that originated with me. Like maybe I'm not so completely terrible after all.

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Anonymous said...

I love the trivet. i've been following the pictures and your process...It's absolutely beautiful.

You continue to inspire me.


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