Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In which time I find it difficult to write

Writers Block. I suppose all 'real' writers get it from time to time. And so do I.

Many personal issues have had to be addressed in the past few days, and I have spent much of them as an emotional wreck. Even so, and even as my eating has gone a little bit south from the stress of it all (yes, I have bad eating days too, for those of you who wonder), I am doing my best to make healthy consumption choices and keep to my schedule.

I've completed another necklace/earring set. I've been to weight maintenance class and Caldelle Leather, exercised after a fashion and have started on an embellished photo album. I've been to my Therapist and had Eric over for dinner. Baked BBQ Chicken, Roast Peruvian Purple Potatoes, & Salad. No dessert. Neither of us 'needs' it.

Even with all this activity though, I'm finding it difficult to write about anything specific. Writers block.

But to those who have worried about my health and have contacted me, I am fine. In fact, I'm finding that the old saying may be true. That which does not kill us does makes us stronger.

And I expect to have some very cheery posts coming up in the next couple of days. With pictures. Because I do have some cool things to show y'all.

Thank you for coming by.

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Anonymous said...

I find myself checking in on you here several times a day..Call it distraction from my own drama, or desperation to run from my own drama and for me to be transported down to LA LA Land for if a brief moment and see the world through your loving artistic eyes.

I was not kidding the day I met you in person and told you were an inspiration. You told me if you could do it I could too. I had that belief then..But somewhere along the way I lost it and now I'm back searching for it again. I want that passion and drive back.

Thank you so much for coming by my blog, implanting your seeds of positive thinking, love and support. It gives me something new to think about and work towards and on.



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