Friday, December 21, 2007

Finishing Up

So many projects, so little time. Or so it seems even though the truth is that many of the things that I would like to make - who's conception happened in my mind even while I am working on other things - have no deadline.

First, of course, Christmas doesn't really exist for me. I'm Jewish which kind of excludes me except for the annual Pilgrimage of Chinese Food. But more than that, I hate malls... I hate shopping... and I'm somewhat claustrophobic in crowded spaces. For those few who are receiving gifts (or already have received them), you know that mostly you were given the product of my own mind and hands. It may be something that you want to keep, or may be something that you'd rather regift (I'm fine either way... it's yours to do with what you please), but you know that the real gift was the time that I spent with you in mind.

That being said, I make/give very little in honor of the holiday. I'd rather give at other times of the year when it's not a requirement... and more of a display of the feelings in my heart.

I have finished up a number of projects in the past few of days, though.

I started this knit set quite a while ago. It was originally intended for the "Red Scarf Project" by Orphans of America. That organization puts together a Valentine's Day mailing for orphans and survivors of the foster care system who have made their way into college or trade school. But I was so busy with other things that I didn't finish it in time. So then I thought it would be for Stitch Cafe and go to their charitable groups. Again, I didn't finish it on time. So I finally finished it and here it is in it's "wrapping." I love the label. I made it myself on my inkjet printer using parchment paper and a paper cutter.

Here is a necklace-earring set in progress. I was so harried that I forgot to take a final picture before delivering it. Don't you love how I make use of the old yoga weights that I'm certainly not using for yoga or any other form of exercise? They actually are coming up as the very same joke in the episode of "That's Clever" I filmed last June (airing on HGTV some time next year - Season 5). I'm supposed to contact them in late February for an episode number and a tentative show date. We'll see then when it's actually scheduled and I'll certainly let you-all know.

A trip to Caldelle Leather and I discovered that they have a "close out" set of bins. I didn't know that the first time I visited them. I walked out with some lambskin and buffalo at tremendous prices.

And made an embellished photo album.

In the meantime, my holiday eating is shot to hell. Well, I guess that's an overstatement because I actually am going to end out the holidays at 151 unless something goes terribly awry, and that's one pound less than I started at. Lucy at HMR tells us that the average American gains 10 to 12 pounds during the same time frame, so I will take my stableness and bank it. But I'm worried because I've had two breaks with eating protocol that were not planned deviations.

What's worrying me too, is that for the first time in several years, I am not keeping food sheets. I weigh in every morning and start my records with breakfast, but then just drop them for the rest of the day. I don't know if I'm being lazy or displaying avoidance behavior, but somehow I need to manage it and get them started again. I'm thinking about hanging a pad of paper with a pen in the kitchen and trying to hand write them there. It's a real problem. The two main indicators of weight loss and maintenance is Food Records and Exercise. I don't want to go back from where I came and I need to get it under control. I'd say 'now' but that's being too harsh with myself. So I'll say very soon, like maybe tonight or tomorrow morning.

At least I am getting on the scale. The day that I don't weigh in (on purpose... there's the occasional day that I forget because I'm feeling especially bad in the morning) is the day that I know that things are totally out of control. And that's just unacceptable.

This evening, I actually am somewhat free and have borrowed two DVDs from the library... Harold & Maude and The Dead Poet's Society. I think I may watch Poets... I have to return them both tomorrow and I don't think you can renew DVDs. By the way, my local library? The Encino-Tarzana branch of the Los Angeles Public Library system. If that sounds a little familiar, it's probably because you've heard Harrison Ford talk about checking books on woodworking out from there when he gave up on acting (before he made it) and decided to become a Studio Carpenter.

I'm going to pull some yarn out of my closet and start a small project for a small friend. A surprise. And I need to bake a pie. And do laundry. Hmmmmmm, the evening may not be so quiet after all.

I better get to it. It's after 9 pm and I"ve hardly begun!

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Anonymous said...

just when do you, sleep, eat, breath? you are sooooo busy...But I love the pictures of what you've done.

Thankyou so much for you love and support. I love ya.


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