Sunday, December 23, 2007

Castle Construction

Ian is over, spending the night so that we can make his model castle for his class. He's already written a report on the same.

He came over at 6 so that we could have dinner first. His bill of fare is Pasta with "Pizza Sauce," and Garlic Bread. I personally like to add a lot of vegetables into my pasta.

When Ian comes to visit, it is his job to grate the cheese.

Aunt Laura almost tried to scare Ian with the spider in the bowl, but he didn't get scared. (This is a quote directly from Ian.)

Ian wanted to make this picture look silly.

Ian ate a chocolate called "Bear Doo Doo." Ian says that this quote will suit everyone. (I wanted to just say Ian ate Bear Doo Doo, but he wasn't going for it.)

We built this castle together. Ian did all of the measuring and making the lines himself. Aunt Laura was in charge of the box cutter and the hot glue gun.

Ian decided after we got to this point that it was time for a break. He says that we will paint the castle "another time." (Funny, but towards the end of the building exercise, Ian got bored and told me to "do whatever I wanted, as long as it came out looking like a castle. Now I know how parents end up making their children's models - lol!)

Now I have to sign off because there is a boy in my bed that I need to start a pillow fight with.

Good Night!

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Anonymous said...

have fun you two


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