Sunday, July 29, 2007

So Long, Old Friend

I've been despairing that I would never be rid of my old refrigerator. It worked; I just couldn't see throwing it out! But I posted again on Freecycle, and with no response. I even built a web link just in honor of the refrigerator. Giving it a name and imploring that it needed a new home. No response.
I made a post to my spinning guild's yahoo list. Nobody wanted it, but Kathy H. suggested that I post it on Craig's List. Having never used it before, I was a bit suspicious, but what the hell? I made a post. Within 5 minutes, I had five offers to take it.
"Steve" just picked it up. He has a business having something to do with Bee Pollen; he will use it for that business. He was a very nice man and he arrived very promptly. Thank you Steve!
I locked the dogs behind the puppy barrier for his visit. They were not in favor of it but although Cosmos was quite vocal about his disapproval, Sunny felt it worth only one bark. And a half-hearted bark at that. He's clearly hurting a little today, but that's his own fault for refusing to take the pain pill I tried to give him this morning.

So now, it's on to the next step. Contracting a handyman to increase the size of the hole and getting the new refrigerator settled into it's space.
It's weird. I know it's only a machine and I certainly didn't want the small refrigerator here any more. But at the same time, I feel a little sad about it's leaving. That was the refrigerator of my first apartment. With it left the last material item of substance from my youth. I certainly have no problem wtih being 50 and wouldn't go back, even if I could retain the knowledge that I have now. But I feel like an era has officially passed.
* * * * *

Eric and I went to an Indian Pow Wow today. Held at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum, men and women of native heritage came in costume to sell their wares and demonstrate dance.
Native Americans who are obese should not dress as naked as the Indian in the Village People.
No, I did not take a photograph to share. But the picture is indelibly burned into my mind.
Village People - Y.M.C.A.

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