Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chillin' Out

Well, sort of...

The best laid plans can go awry. And this refrigerator scheme of mine was not as well thought out as most. But let me tell you right here and now that I really believe that everything's going to be ok. EGBOK, as they used to say many years ago on Ken & Bob at KABC Talk Radio. I really have a feeling that it will be fine in the end.

We left this saga yesterday as I was agonizing about whether the new refrigerator would fit in it's slot or not. I was also worried about the moving company I'd contracted; "Low Cost Movers" from the Tarzana Pennysaver. They were wonderful. They called me during the middle of exercise class; I whipped out my "Bra Phone" to talk to them. (Yes, when I don't have pockets, I put my cell phone in my bra. It's big enough for me, a cell phone, and a picnic for a family of four.) They were running right on time and would see me at 1:15 this afternoon.

Exactly at 1:15, they called. They were in front of my complex, the refrigerator already removed from their truck. I let them in; they found my unit without a hassle. But then when they tried to get the 'fridge through my patio gate, the first inkling of what was about to happen occured. It wouldn't fit through! They quickly solved that dilema, though, by simply popping off the handles.

I had locked my boys behind the puppy barrier. Let's just say that they were not happy. It's really offensive to dogs to have strange men walking into their home with a large white box while locked up, unable to defend their territory and/or generally be a nuisance. They survived, but they were not happy.
We moved my small refrigerator to it's temporary home in the living room.

They took the new one off of it's trolley and tried to slide it into place. Oy! No go. We were only about 1/2 inch shy and they thought if I allowed them to take the moulding off of the floor, it would probably make it, so I allowed them to. Oy! No go.

We discussed them taking the tile overhang off of my kitchen counter, but I didn't like the way they were talking about going about it; basically rough-sawing it and leaving it like that. "Nobody will see." they advised me. Oy! No go. I own this place and am not going to destroy it like that.

Did I mention that they accidentally knocked off a couple of tiles from the counter during this process? Oy!

So I paid them - they did an exemplary job moving me - and I am left seething in refrigerators!

I called a tile company... "No job to small" was their motto. They also advertised that they were inexpensive. Yes, they will be happy to help, but not today. Obviously. But they promised to call me on Monday Evening and let me know when they could come around. "This happens more often than you would believe," they confided in me. Yeah, probably true.

So now I have an excess of refrigeration in my unit. I figure that I will be properly installed sometime next week, so I went ahead and started cleaning out the unit.

It's not really all that bad, but there's something about cleaning up somebody else's grime that's disgusting. Just that I don't know who they were and why they were so stupid as to give up a beautiful refrigerator. There's egg gunk stuck onto the door... that's proving a little harder to deal with than the rest.

And that's why I am posting so early in the day. I needed a break! So at least my standard moan about not having enough refrigerator space is quelled for the moment. I have an excess!

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