Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dog Day Afternoon

It's a safe bet that 100% of the dogs surveyed really enjoy car rides. Never mind that the end destination, this afternoon, was the vet.

Sunny beams at the idea of going out.

Cosmos can't even stand still!

Both dogs are getting old, but it was a surprise to see Sunny have a little trouble jumping into the back seat of our car. But don't worry; nothing was going to keep him out.

Cosmos required physical help, but he has always struggled more, given his broken hip that never quite healed. He does enjoy a car ride, though, and settles down into his place.

Surprisingly, initially, Sunny settled quietly in the back. That didn't last long, though.

Cosmos really enjoys that hole in our dashboard that blows cold air on him.

Sunny, back to his old self, takes up his position in the car. That would be with his front feet on the console between the front seats. It is mandatory, according to Sunny, to obscure about 90% of the drivers vision during the trip.

Cosmos takes in the view. The building in the far background was where my father's medical practice was.

Cosmos is very nervous about the examination.

So is Sunny, and for good reason. Both dogs require some small surgery; both dogs will be getting this Thursday.

I was quite upset by the result of the visit. No, not about the surgeries - which are very small, but about the fact that they could not pull urine from either of my uncooperative dogs. They sent me home with specimen cups, and actually expect me to collect it. Yeah, right. Do they not know which dogs they are dealing with?

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